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With over 20 years experience in national and international education, Bo Peep Learning is a unique service provider. Our consultants provide tailored education programmes for individuals, groups and organisations locally and internationally.

We believe that education is fundamental for the overall social, economic and personal development of the individual. As a result, our organisation aspires to improve the overall standard of education, foster a love of learning and inspire intellectual curiosity in young people. We do this through designing and presenting successful literacy projects in addition to administering high-impact mentoring programmes. Our consultants, coaches and mentors ensure that learners embrace learning opportunities, enabling them to fulfil their capabilities. 


Our director, Keisha Ann, is a literacy consultant, teacher, editor, researcher, writer and publisher. She works with schools and families to support improvements in all aspects of reading, speaking and writing proficiency. Keisha Ann has obtained a BA in English, Linguistics and Literature, a PGCE and a MLitt in Publishing. She is currently completing a professional doctorate in literacy development. Keisha Ann is particularly interested in the gamification of education and is currently exploring the link between literacy and identity. She has taught and examined a number of educational courses including the IB, IGCSE, AQA and OCR curricula. She also organises literacy charities and summer school events that have been greatly beneficial to the participants' development.

Literacy has always played a significant role in Keisha Ann’s world. As a child, she was routinely advised on the importance of being able to read, however it wasn’t until her adult years that she discerned the link between literacy and individual standard of living. Her beloved great-uncle who was the head teacher of a school in Jamaica regularly reminded her that “education can take you around the world”, a notion that was actualised when Keisha Ann embarked on an international teaching career. She has taught in several countries and capacities, yet she often recollects the struggling readers in her class at primary school who required additional support that was never provided.

Keisha Ann is committed to improving literacy levels and is also an enthusiast for lifelong learning. In sessions, she creates situations that contribute to the development of 21st century skills with the aim to inspire mature, knowledgeable and reflective learners who are able to think critically. 

What We Believe

Given the right skills, every child can excel. 

Our Mission

We are a social enterprise committed to developing inquiring, knowledgeable learners who apply their creative and critical skills to solve problems. Bo Peep Learning aims to deliver the best opportunities that enable learners to explore their potential beyond perceived boundaries. 

Our Social Commitment

Bo Peep Learning Ltd distributes 40% of post-tax profits to community projects geared to improve learning and literacy. We also reinvest 51% of surpluses into pursuing our social mission. 

Our Values

  • To promote lifelong learning
  • To employ co-operative methods that support education
  • To encourage mutual respect and responsibility
  • To think critically and creatively
  • To cultivate self-trust and develop confidence