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Working with schools

Bo Peep Learning academic consultants work in schools throughout the UK and internationally. We specialise in literacy development, gamification in education, classroom behaviour management, coaching and mentoring. The workshops, seminars and teacher-training courses we provide enhance professional development and engagement.

The branches of our primary and secondary school consultancy include or are linked to:

• Effective teaching practice

• Literacy attainment

• Curriculum development and delivery

• Raising Standards

• Coaching/mentoring

• Assessment

We ensure that each in-school investigation is bespoke; tailored to meet the needs of the client.

What we do:

Bo Peep Learning education consultants can show you simple tricks that will transform your learning environment to a place where students embrace academic challenge, priming their minds for success. We provide curriculum support by working with subject leads, small groups or individual teachers. Our consultants help to make content more accessible to struggling students while stretching and challenging more advanced learners.

In a recent small-scale research, several herculean areas in teaching include:

- developing students’ cultural capital alongside the prescribed curriculum

- creating and sustaining a culturally responsive classroom

- incorporating literacy instruction in daily lessons

- communicating effectively and successfully with members at different levels of the school community

- ensuring that assessments and feedback are purposeful, relevant and measurable.

Bo Peep Learning consultants have the specialism and experience to help with the above areas and more.

We can:

• undertake evaluation of lessons and students’ work

• evaluate attainment and progress data

• lead training days and sessions

• work with governors

• support leadership teams

• work with staff members in groups or individually

• check quality and accuracy of self-evaluation

• appraise virtual learning activities and delivery

• recommend CPD courses that will contribute to professional growth and development.

Our first consultation is free. Contact us to discuss which aspect of support is best for your organisation.